Next Caller & ICMI

Conferences are fun. San Diego is fun. Needless to say, the Next Caller team is looking forward to heading to the ICMI Contact Center Expo in San Diego this week for the very first time. 

This will also be the first time that we can get together with our good friends at Zendesk to throw a happy hour on Wednesday evening of the conference. Details on that are in the most recent blog post at

Since Next Caller only recently launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in September 2013, most of the ICMI community may be unfamiliar with us.

So what is Next Caller?

Next Caller is advanced caller ID for businesses. Our database of over 220 million profiles is the largest in the US. Next Caller delivers important data on inbound callers in real time so that the customers never have to spell out bits of data over the phone, like their name and address, among other things. This saves time and money, but it also makes agents and customers happier since they can get right down to business on every call, rather than asking and answering mundane questions.

This video summarizes it succinctly:

Make sure to stop by the Next Caller booth, #335, and say hello! We are excited to be a part of this community. We hope to share our excitement by providing some free breath mints (much needed after talking all day at a conference) and sunscreen (much needed for that warm, San Diego sun). 

See you in sunny San Diego –

–Jeff Kirchick (@JeffreyKirchick)