Next Caller announces partnership with Oracle Corporation

Press Release as distributed through the Electronic Retailing Association

Next Caller Inc., a leader in CallerID data for use in call center solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Oracle Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of SaaS solutions. The partnership enables organizations using the Oracle Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, other Oracle Cloud solutions and the numerous legacy Oracle CRM & ERP solutions to benefit from Next Caller’s CallerID Data Services.

Next Caller’s extensive Caller ID database make this innovative partnership possible. The easy-to-use API can be integrated quickly within new and existing Oracle Cloud and legacy on-premise solutions to provide customers with an easy way to identify callers and enhance existing customer data. Next Caller boasts the largest database of caller profiles in the US today, linking over 80% of US telephone numbers to up to 20 points of data.

“We are very happy with this new partnership between Oracle and Next Caller”, said Cas Hoefman, VP of Sales. “By integrating our solution with Oracle’s Cloud and legacy on-premise solutions, customers get access to a wealth of data available through the Next Caller API. This will help them to greatly reduce their cost of caller identification while at the same time helping them increase customer satisfaction so as to build valuable long-term customer relationships.”

The most recent industry research indicates that the average contact center manually identifies over 60% of its inbound callers, resulting in a 50 cent to $1 inefficiency per call. Earlier this year, Next Caller announced similar partnerships with ticketing platform Zendesk, as well as the leading VoIP provider, Nextiva. Yaniv Masjedi, VP of Marketing at Nextiva said, “We’ve evaluated the leading data sources, and Next Caller has the best match rate, hands down.” The company has differentiated itself from traditional data providers by establishing the highest mobile match rate in the country.