Do You Know Your Caller?

by Cas Hoefman (@CasHoefman)

In today’s customer-centric world, providing quality customer service is more important than ever but running a high quality Service Contact Center is an expensive operation and is viewed as a cost center by most businesses. However, by using Next Caller’s Advanced Caller ID services to enhance the customer identification process and deliver rich caller data to agents in real time, contact centers can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction while at the same time identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities to boost the business’ revenue.
Next Caller maintains the industry’s largest database of customer profiles with over 250M records, which include data like name & address, email, income, social profiles, and other demographic data. This data, linked to the landline and mobile phone numbers of your callers, can be used to expedite the identification process, thus reducing costly agent talk time.
Take for example a contact center that takes a million calls a year: statistics show that 60% of these callers are not automatically identified and, at an average cost of over 50 cents to identify a caller, that costs the contact center upwards of $300,000 per year. This is a cost that can be greatly reduced by tapping into Next Caller’s Database.
Using the simple Next Caller API which, in most cases, can be implemented in a matter of hours, your agents will be able to more easily identify these unknown callers. But using the Next Caller service to quickly identify these unknown callers not only saves cost by reducing talk time, it also greatly increases customer satisfaction. No more spelling of difficult first and last names, and no more incorrectly entered address information means your customer feels like you know them and are there for them! 
Additionally your agents will now be able to use the rich demographic data Next Caller provides to tailor cross or upsell offers, providing your client with information on products or services that they are really interested in and, because Next Caller can be easily integrated into your existing CRM or Ticketing system there is a very short learning curve for your agents.
As for pricing, we are very excited about our product and pride ourselves for delivering the best data in the industry at the best price in the industry. No setup fees, no annual contracts, just simple month-to-month, and you only pay if we return an accurate result!
I want to finish up this blog post with an example of a customer that I have worked with, to show how better caller identification impacted their business. This company, a large telemarketing company, takes tens of thousands of calls a day. Unfortunately, in their business, a very large percentage of their callers are calling to cancel their service. 
We were able to increase their caller identification rate to over 85% and while this helped them save over $300,000 per month by reducing agent talk time, more importantly, it also helped the agents increase their “save rate.” The fact that the agents knew who the caller was helped them change the dialogue in such a way that their “save rate” went up by more than 25%. This made a dramatic impact on their bottom line!